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Workshops and seminars can be delivered face to face or virtually via Zoom or Teams. All sessions are interactive, engaging and include practical actions that can be implemented right away.

Topics include:

Mindfulness in the workplace
Balance, bouncebackability and boundaries
A hybrid workplace that works
Effective communications in the digital space

Mindfulness in the workplace

Many organisations are bringing mindfulness into the company culture to support improved employee wellbeing, increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. Mindfulness also unlocks untapped potential, builds healthy habits that cultivate creativity, supports collaboration and better decision-making.

The mindfulness for performance and wellbeing workshop can be run as a 60 or 90 minute experiential session, blending theory and practice.

  • Explore the science of mindfulness and how it can be applied to everyday life and work to enhance wellbeing, productivity and focus
  • Experience practices that support greater focus, enhanced communication skills and ability to manage difficult relationships and emotions
  • Take away a variety of simple techniques to use across your day to help you pause, reflect and think more clearly.

“Mindfulness blended with executive coaching can help emerging leaders to identify—and overcome—their limiting beliefs, behavior patterns, and interpersonal difficulties. Such programs can help them to develop new skill sets including the capacity to think strategically and motivate others.”

Harvard Business Review, January 2016

Balance, bouncebackability and boundaries

The pandemic has only served to highlight the importance of creating balance, setting boundaries and building resilience. With work and home life more blurred than before, this session explores how to harness stress in a way that’s motivating and energizing, while avoiding the traps that lead us to run on empty.

A 60 minute seminar or 90 minute workshop which blends theory and self reflection to start developing a blueprint of what it takes for each of us to be successful.

  • Explore theories around stress and resilience, and the effects on our wellbeing.
  • Identify what balance and boundaries mean to us as individuals, and as team members.
  • Take away a framework that will help you define and communicate your working style.

A hybrid workplace that works

Showing up in an office for the sake of it is a thing of the past. No longer are we tied to specific locations or have all our team members in one place. But how do you build effective teams and a strong culture when people are apart?

A 60 minute seminar or 90 minute workshop which looks at best practices of leading organisations, research on remote working and practical tips for building a thriving hybrid team.

  • Explore the latest research and examples from organisations that lead the way in hybrid working.
  • Discuss the opportunities hybrid working offers your organisation and your employees.
  • Identify steps you can take to make hybrid working work for you and your team.

Effective communications in the digital space

Communicating is already a tricky thing before trying to do this on screen or in text and email. Words might mean different things to different people and across cultures, feedback can be delivered awkwardly or miscommunicated, and emotions might be running high.

A 60 minute seminar or 90 minute workshop which looks at how to communicate with clarity and ease, how to navigate digital communications and how to handle difficult conversations.

  • Examine common communication pitfalls and the role of emotional intelligence.
  • Explore techniques for communicating clearly and understanding communications preferences.
  • Take away ideas for sharing feedback and navigating challenging conversations.