February focus: What makes you tick?

Throughout February we will explore our emotions: what they are, how they serve us, and how we can improve our ability to respond to them in a helpful way.

Today we explore getting to know our preferences in more detail as a means to understanding the cues our emotions are giving.

What makes you tick?

Across the last week we explored some steps to bring greater awareness to your emotions.

This means recognising, respecting, and accepting your feelings as they happen. Knowing that they come and go, and that you have the choice over how you respond to the messages your emotions are offering you.

Emotions are aligned to our values

To understand what messages your emotions might be telling you, it’s helpful to understand the values that matters most to you. Emotions are typically aligned to your values and the things that matter to you. Pleasant emotions tend to indicate something is in alignment with your values, while unpleasant emotions indicate something is in conflict with your values.

Emotions are aligned to our values

Personality assessments can be a great way to understand what makes you tick – and this can help you recognise your emotions when they pop up.

Being curious about your values and preferences will also help you to develop your ability for detached observation.

There are loads of different assessments out there, from Myers Briggs to to Big Five to Enneagram, and most of them have free versions online with instant results. Make sure you answer quickly and honestly to get the most accurate picture.


Take a personality assessment (or two!) and get to know yourself better. Or if you already have some insights here, think about the emotions you’ve been noticing this week and relate this to what you know about your personality and values.

Daily Practice

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