“I wish I could have you on speed dial”

This lovely quote I received from a coaching client in the education sector is something I hear quite often.

The benefits of working with a coaching partner can be incredibly powerful – someone who can support you while you externalise and organise your thoughts, explore options to move forward and agree a plan of action, often helping hold you accountable for progress.

While coaching is becoming more accessible and affordable, what can you do if it’s not something you are able to access at the moment?

Over my next series of social posts, I’ll explore some ideas for self-coaching practices:

🔥How to create a conducive time and space
🔥 A simple and powerful coaching model to get you started
🔥 Some tools that can be helpful to explore common topics such as balance, boundary setting, imposter syndrome, conflict and difficult conversations, dilemmas, and goal-setting

Let me know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered and I’ll do my best 😊


If you’d prefer some 1:1 coaching to work through specific topics, I still have a couple of slots available in February and March for new Clarity Coaching clients. Get in touch for a complimentary discovery call to explore how this program can work for you.

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