Self-coaching: exploring goals

This short series on self-coaching will walk you through some ideas and tools that might help you explore some of the challenges you’re facing or tasks you’d like to accomplish.

What are you working towards?

A useful starting point is to spend time thinking about the topic you have in mind: articulating clearly what you’d like to achieve, the clues that will tell you you’ve been successful and what you stand to gain from doing this work. I’m offering here a few questions to explore your goal and where it sits in your overall plan.

You might find it helpful to use your notebook or journal to write down your responses to these questions. I’d invite you to set a timer for 3-5 minutes for each question and open yourself to freewriting. Just write whatever comes into your mind as you reflect on what’s being asked. Breathe as you go and don’t stop. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect or make sense – that comes later. Any time you feel like you’re drying up, write the question again and see what emerges. It’s often as you delve into the third or fourth round that some of the deeper, meaningful and more relevant stuff comes up.

Once you’re finished, you might like to read back and highlight any key phrases or ideas that you captured, and even summarise or refine them as your mind becomes clear.

Getting to SMART goals

The aim at the end of the process is to articulate some SMART goals (google this if you’re not familiar) the clearly set out a specific goal that can be measured, is achievable, realistic and has a clear deadline. You’ll use this as an anchor throughout this self-coaching process.

Goal reflection questions:

1. What are you aiming for with this process?

2. How will you know you are successful?

3. How much energy do you have for this?

4. What draws you to this topic?

5. How will stretching in this way develop your abilities?

6. Where does this piece fit into the whole?

7. What does this build upon?

8. How much influence or control do you have over this task?

9. What would be the first milestone on the way?

10. How will you reward yourself for succeeding?


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