Self-coaching: reality check

To work towards a goal, it’s always useful to be clear about where you’re starting from. What does reality look like in relation to this goal? What are you building on?

We’re never really starting from zero. When we stop and look closely we can take stock of the actions that we’ve taken so far, where those actions have taken us, and our perceptions of any obstacles or blockers that might be hindering further progress.

Sometimes this reality check brings our goals into sharper focus, or might even help us identify that the goal is a little different from what we thought at first. For this reason it’s important to look at your present reality in great detail, although not in a judgemental way.

Ten questions to explore your reality

  • What action have you taken so far?
  • What has been the effect of this action?
  • What is getting in the way?
  • On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is your goal, what number are you at?
  • What has brought you to this number?
  • What resources do you have? (skills, energy, support, time etc)
  • What other resources are needed?
  • What is your main concern here?
  • What are the risks?
  • What is your plan so far?

Taking some time to think about how we feel about our progress in this journey can also be a powerful way to bring awareness to your thoughts, feelings and attitudes regarding this process. And some obvious paths forward may emerge as you examine your desired result and the action taken so far.

Some people find it helpful to use a coaching wheel at this point to compare how they describe their current satisfaction levels in various aspects of their life and contrast this with where they’d like to get to. This is sometimes called the Balance Wheel and can help you identify priority areas to focus on.

Whatever your process, once you’ve described your reality, use this to go back and finetune your goal.

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