Gather round my campfire

What’s in a name? Often, coaches and consultants choose to use their own names when establishing their practices. As a marketeer of old, I understand the simplicity and strength of that choice, not least as a powerful branding tool.

My instinct took me in a different direction. I wanted to say something about the environment I create and uphold as a coach – the space where you feel safe and emboldened to reflect, process and dream. For me, this place looks like a campfire.

I tend to draw a lot of inspiration from nature and do much of my best solo thinking in the forests and by the coasts of Scotland. Similarly, when I seek out a thinking partner, I feel most at ease in a natural surrounding, free of the constraints and distractions of the office or home.

Staring into a campfire somehow illuminates my path to inner work. It helps me search through what I already know and believe to find new answers to challenging questions.

Gazing into a campfire grounds me and helps me slow down enough to invite reflection. The warmth relaxes me and makes me feel safe and supported. The typically circular design evokes feelings of equality and partnership.

Campfires are not fancy places full of jargon and forms and whiteboards. They are places to tell stories, make plans, explore ideas, be curious. They are multi-sensory: crackles, sparks, heat, and the scent of burning wood. It warms the soul as well as the body.

Working with me as your coach, that’s the kind of environment you can expect to work in. Warm, safe, equal, reflective.

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