Conversations that ignite change

Hi, I’m Lisa, a certified executive coach and founder of Campfire Coaching. My purpose is to help you unlock your potential and find clarity, balance and fulfillment.

For more than twenty years, I’ve worked with senior and board-level executives and know what it takes to be successful in high-pressure, high-profile roles.

I’m really focused on purpose and living life with intention, and I help clients thoughtfully explore what is big in their life right now and what really matters to them. My priority is to create a safe space to reflect, as well as motivation and accountability for what they want to accomplish.

“A spark of every fire we seek is already within us.”

Kamand Kojouri

My approach is grounded in positive psychology and appreciative enquiry, and I help clients identify and play to their strengths so they can increase their impact. I’m not afraid to have courageous conversations that challenge and guide my clients. My aim is to support them to achieve their personal and professional goals and become the best version of themselves.

I am passionate about learning and development, as well as incorporating everyday wellness practices to create sustainable high performance levels. Through this blog, I’ll share more about my coaching practices, everyday wellness tips and prompts to support self-coaching.

Please get in touch if you’d like a free consultation to understand if working with me can help you to transform your future, increase control and boost your success.

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