2 December – Mindfulness advent challenge

Wednesday 2 December

Settle the snow globe

Our busy minds often behave a lot like snow globes. When we start to examine our thoughts and feelings, we notice how “stirred up” things start to become. Our thoughts, feelings, and sensations often appear to be swirling around much like the unsettled flakes or glitter of a snow globe.

To see more clearly what’s going on, we have to pause and allow things to settle. The first thing we need to do is to still the body, so we can still our mind. When we set the snow globe down, we can simply observe its flakes settle. It is through our non-disturbing attention that things can settle down naturally.

Our minds may take longer to settle than a snow globe, but when we are patient and still in our body, we can give our minds time to settle.

Follow today’s practice to settle your mind, find calm and relaxation, and start to see things more clearly.

It can be self-guided – see images below or you can use the audio guided meditation here:

Self guided meditation

When your globe settles, “check in” with your mind. Is it more settled than before? Try lifting and swirling the globe again…

Make your own glitter jar

If you don’t have a snow globe to hand – or you’d just like to make a really fun glitter jar – see this really easy tutorial.

It’s really easy and fun to make – and a great kids’ craft. Perfect for mindfulness, sensory play and calming down. You can add alsorts to the mix including tiny bits of Lego, loom bands, or Pom poms as well as other types of glitter. Some things might not sink – so experiment and see what works for you. The more glue you add, the longer it takes for the glitter to sink.

Also, seal up the bottle really well and consider an alternative to glass bottles for younger children.

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