3 December – Mindfulness advent challenge

Thursday 3 December

Go with the flow

Today’s practice is a journal or writing prompt. This can be a great way of clearing a cluttered mind, expressing innermost thoughts and gaining mental clarity.

Walkthrough of today’s practice

You only need a pencil and a clean piece of paper, nothing more.

Don’t be tempted to use a digital alternative, like a notes app. There is a kind of magic that happens between our brain and the page when we put pen to paper.

“This December I hope for …”

Find a quiet space and get completely comfortable, taking a few slow, deep breaths

On a fresh page or clean piece of paper write: “This December, I hope for …”

Let your stream of consciousness flow
Keep writing for 10-15 minutes, remembering to breathe and feel as you write

If you get stuck, go back to the opening words

Try to be specific and use all of your senses to describe your hopes for this month.

It’s ok if your mind wanders, just notice this and gently bring your attention back to the page.

Afterwards, reflect on your words and how you feel, without any judgement.

This practice helps us slow down and connect to the thoughts within us, which we perhaps haven’t expressed out loud before, and can lead to clarity and focus on what matters to us.

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