5 December – Mindfulness advent challenge

Saturday 5 December, 2020

Walk on the wild side

Spending time in nature can revive us and give us a sense of peace, giving us the chance to notice the splendour of the world around us and find joy in the tiny details, like spider webs and bird song.

Hiking exercises both body and mind, and can alleviate stress and anxiety, help manage emotions, increase awareness and concentration and improve productivity.

Today’s mindful walking practise will remind us of a steady and patient way of life.

Go for a walk outdoors for at least 15 minutes.

Start taking a few deep breaths and smiling.

Walk slowly, paying attention to each step and the movements that go into them.

Feel the changing sensations in your feet as you walk: heaviness, pressure, movement, temperature.

Bring awareness to your senses.

  • Look at what is above and below
  • Listen to the sounds around you
  • Feel the contact of air on your skin
  • Smell the scents around you
  • Stop and notice an object or sound and spend a few moments contemplating it

At the end of your walk, stop and take a few moments to feel the body and breathe slowly.

My mindful walk

I did this practice in the beautiful surroundings of Gunpowder Mills on Roslin Country Park, Midlothian. We had heavy snow the previous two days, followed by lots of rain which made the river run really fast and created new waterfalls.

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