6 December – Mindfulness Advent Challenge

Savour the flavour

Mindful eating encourages us to take our time while we eat. It invites us to be present while we eat, to savour our food without judgement or anxiety, and reconnect with the pleasure of food.

In eating more slowly, we pay more attention to the flavors, the aromas, and the textures. We reconnect with our senses. We develop our gratitude for the food that nourishes us.

In today’s practice we use a little bit of seasonal indulgence to engage our senses – and all you need is a piece of chocolate.

Guided audio meditation

Chocolate meditation

Self guided meditation

Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths, noticing the sounds around you and the sensations of your body as it touches the chair, the floor.

Hold your chocolate in your hand and notice the weight and texture. Is it cool or warm, soft or hard?

Notice your desire to eat it, and any responses that evokes, then gently bring your attention back to the feel of the chocolate in your hand.

Consider what it took to bring this chocolate to you. To grow and prepare the ingredients. To package and ship the chocolate to you.

Bring the chocolate to your nose and inhale the aroma. Is it different to what you expected? Does it stimulate feelings, emotions or physical responses?

Bring the chocolate to your mouth and take a small nibble. What does it first taste of? How does it feel on your tongue?

Now put the rest in your mouth and enjoy the tastes and flavours. Hold it on your tongue as long as possible, letting it melt and allowing our tongue to explore its textures and tastes.

After it’s gone, notice whether there is still a residual taste in your mouth and whether the smells you noticed have changed.

Bring attention back to your breath and to your feelings. Rest for a moment longer, just breathing and being aware of how you are feeling.

Reflect if you feel any different than at the start of the practice – or if the chocolate tasted better than normal. Do you feel fuller than normal, or more satisfied?

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