9 December – Mindfulness advent challenge

Let your thoughts drift

Mindfulness helps us be more in the present moment, to help us improve our focus, and better manage our thoughts and emotions.

As the end of the year approaches, we can be very tired both mentally and physically, and it’s easy for our minds to be overcome by our swirling thoughts.

The purpose of this snowflake meditation is to notice a shift from looking from your thoughts, to looking at your thoughts in a more detached way.

While you look at your thoughts, notice that you don’t need to control or change those thoughts in any way, but that those thoughts will come and go naturally, without having to do anything to control them.

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable and listen to the guided meditation below. Afterwards reflect on whether you feel calmer and more relaxed, and know that you can return to this more detached way of looking at your thoughts whenever you choose.

Guided snowflake meditation

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