10 December – Mindfulness advent challenge

Reach out and connect

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present, being absorbed in what we are doing right now, and who we are with.

This mindful approach to life helps us feel happier, calmer and less stressed.

Today the invitation is to take time to write a few meaningful Christmas cards or seasonal letters to people in your life who could really benefit from them.

It can be really lovely to pause for a moment, think of someone and take the time to write a card by hand. It also gives you time to pause and reflect on the year gone by.

Mindful Christmas card writing

Find a quiet and comfortable space, make a hot drink and choose a favourite pen.

Write your cards slowly, focusing on forming each letter, and breathing deeply as you go.

Use the time of writing each card to really connect with the person you are writing it for: perhaps imagine them sitting in front of you and take a moment to think of what that person really means to you.

Notice how you feel as you write your cards. Is it different to how you usually feel?

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