16 December – Mindfulness advent challenge

Melt like a snowman

Mindfulness not only helps us find peace, it also helps us feel fully alive by waking up to what’s happening here and now, and getting in touch with our thoughts, feelings and what’s happening in our bodies.

As we start to feel the rush towards Christmas, finishing work, final touches for festive plans, the invitation today is to find time to re-focus and get back in tune with ourselves.

Guided meditation – audio

Find a quiet comfortable space and settle your mind. Take a few deep breaths.

Melt like a snowman practice

Close your eyes and imagine that you are a snowman. Picture the details and how they feel.

Now think about your surroundings. You notice you are not in a snowy environment at all. You are on a warm beach, sitting on the sand with the sun beating down and the waves crashing on the shore. How does it feel?

Imagine you are starting to melt. Focus on your feet and legs. Slowly relax your muscles and feel them start to melt into the sand.

Focus on your stomach. Release any tension, feeling it melt away. Now your arms. Feel your shoulders relax, your arms soften and finally your fingers as they trickle onto the sand.

Now focus on your neck and head. Let go of any tension you might be holding as you slowly melt away into a puddle on the sand.

How does it feel to be totally relaxed – a puddle of your calm body, resting on the sand, enjoying the sights, sounds and scents of this warm and quiet beach?

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