15 December – Mindfulness advent challenge

Hug the warmth

Mindful drinking helps to calm the chatter of the mind, just for a few moments, as well as cultivating warmth and body awareness.

It is a way to turn a few minutes’s break into something useful and effective, and it can be done with any drink.

Mindful drinking practice

Firstly, make your hot drink – coffee, tea, perhaps hot chocolate.  Start by choosing a favourite mug and take a moment to notice its shape and colour.

Next make your drink slowly and mindfully, being aware of every part of the process and all the sights, sounds and smells that go with it.

Once your drink is prepared, pause to hold the warm cup and experience the heat seeping into your hands.

Then, take a slow, small sip. Let the drink rest in your mouth, and notice where it sits and what it tastes like.

Notice the temperature and where you feel that sensation most.  Do you feel temperature and taste in the same part of your mouth?  Can you still smell the drink?

After a few moments, swallow.  Notice where you feel the sensations of swallowing.  What temperature is it?  Once you have swallowed it, is there still a taste?

Repeat this process with another sip of your drink. Continue for 5 minutes or so, or until you have finished. How do you feel now? Is it different from normal? In what way?

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