18 December – Mindfulness advent challenge

Treetops glisten and children listen

Our relationships with others are crucial to our wellbeing yet we often take those who matter most to us for granted. Half-listening while glued to our phones, taking out our stress on our loved ones, making time for everything else but them.

Research shows that quality time with family and friends promotes calmness and increases our sense of security.

The invitation today is to turn away from all our distractions and make time to really listen in a mindful way to someone you love.

Talking to a friend using mindful listening means making a conscious effort to focus on them without being distracted by your own thoughts or other things, like phones or TV.

Take a few relaxing breaths before the conversation and try to settle your mind so you have room for someone else’s thoughts.

Pay attention not just to the words you hear, but also body language, tone of voice, pace, facial expressions. Practise silence and pause before you respond. Encourage them to keep going with “tell me more” or “and what else”.

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