21 December – Mindfulness advent challenge

Let it go

Lusto, Finland

Slowing down your breathing can turn off the body’s fight or flight response, turn on the parasympathetic nervous system, and allow the body time to rest, regenerate and heal.

Deeper breaths allow more oxygen into your body, giving you energy and helping you think clearer. More oxygen helps release serotonin – the happy hormone – and increase red blood cells, making everything in your body work more efficiently. 

This final advent breathing practice offers a letting-go breath technique which you can do anywhere, throughout the day whenever you feel tense.

Deep breathing practice

• Sit or stand comfortably, with your back straight

• Inhale through your nose, raising your shoulders

• Exhale out on a big sigh, dropping your shoulders

You might choose to set a timer for every thirty minutes today to practice this micro technique that helps you decrease stress in your physical body and refresh your mind.

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