Pause & breathe

Much of what I’ve worked with clients on this year has been about finding space and clarity to focus on the things that matter, The things that take us one step closer to achieving our goals. 

And that process starts with stopping.

Catching your breath. Looking around. Taking stock.

Refocusing. Checking the horizon. Replotting your path. Gathering your resources. 

And starting out again with renewed energy, a refreshed sense of direction and purpose, and leaving behind all the things that are slowing your progress.


Starting on 1 December I’ll once again be posting daily with prompts on how to find calm and clarity in what can be a busy and stressful month. I invite you to join me for #fiveminutefocus, a mindfulness-based approach to clearing out your mental clutter and slowing down to savour the last moments of this year.

The prompts each day will anchor on pausing, breathing and engaging your senses. You’ll also be invited to use journaling to give shape to your thoughts.

Warm up exercise

As a warm up today, I invite you to just sit still for five minutes somewhere quiet and comfortable. Breathe normally and notice your thoughts as they come and go. Don’t examine them, just observe. Afterwards reflect on how you felt about setting that time aside. What you experienced during those five minutes. What surprised you. And how you feel now.

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