The power of writing

Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting new content daily along the theme of #fiveminutefocus for December. The purpose is to invite you to slow down and find clarity during what can be a chaotic month.

Each day I’ll share a prompt to engage your senses and clear out some of your mental clutter. Often I’ll invite you to either do a journaling task or to capture some of your observations afterwards.

Journaling, or writing things down, is a powerful way to give shape to our thoughts. Just forming an idea that’s been swirling in your head into words on a page gives a new more concrete perspective. Words bring our ideas to life and are the first step in forming a plan to put things in motion.

If you’re new to journaling, don’t panic J Find any piece of paper and pen, or if you’re a stationary addict like me, use this as an excuse to treat yourself to a new notebook!

As a warm up task, you may enjoy starting with a blank page and writing the words: “Hello, my name is …” and then continuing to introduce yourself. Write for five minutes, continuing to talk about who you are. There are no rules apart from not repeating yourself. There is no need to read it back. Afterwards, think about how that felt just to write and what you notice about how you are feeling now. Jot down a couple of thoughts if that’s helpful.

See you tomorrow.

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