Dance like nobody’s watching

Mindfulness is all about being in the here and now. Mindful dancing is a great way to both relax and reenergise. Dancing is an effective mood booster and can even help improve your memory.

Dancing mindfully means losing yourself in the moment, forgetting about your worries and putting all distractions aside. You don’t have to think you’re good at dancing to enjoy this – just move your body and explore the space you’re in. Swaying, wiggling, jumping – whatever you feel like.

To get started, take some slow deep breaths, then put on a favourite piece of music. Maybe some Christmas tunes if you’re in the mood. Let your body start moving to the music. You can’t get it wrong! Notice how you’re feeling in different parts of your body – how’s your heart beating, where do you feel loose or tight? Any time you notice your mind wandering, take a breath and bring your attention gently back to the music.

Afterwards, take a few more deep breaths and then capture a couple of notes in your journal about how this activity went for you. Do you feel more energised or relaxed, perhaps more confident or peaceful.


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