We are all so overloaded these days with information and stuff that needs to be done that we rarely give anything our undivided attention.

But multitasking actually increases stress and decreases productivity – some studies suggest by as much as 40%.

Monotasking, or focusing on one task at a time, is not only good for our well-being but also makes us more productive and efficient. Being able to monotask for long periods allows us to do deep work – focus on a demanding task for an extended period of time – and can lead to breakthroughs and higher impact on projects and goals.

We can increase our capacity for deep work by practicing monotasking on shorter goals repeatedly, building up the length of focused time to eventually reach 1-2 hours.

Today, choose one task to focus on fully. It could be clearing out a drawer or filing some emails or papers, reading an article – whatever you feel like.

Put away all distractions including your phone or other devices and immerse yourself for five minutes wholly on this and nothing else.

Afterwards, reflect in your journal what you noticed about your energy and productivity.

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