Redding the house

In Scotland we have the tradition of welcoming in the new year with a clean house – ‘redding’ or readying the house. It is thought to bring good luck.

Today’s invitation is to bring some mindfulness and presence to your usual cleaning chores.

When you are washing the dishes for example pay attention to the sensations of the warm water, the smell of the bubbles, or the sound of cutlery and dishes clinking in the sink. Take some deep breaths and focus on the repetition of swirling and wiping as you transform your dirty dishes into clean ones. Stay completely absorbed in the moment of washing the dishes.

Perhaps when you’re doing laundry focus on the textures of the materials, noticed the changing weight and texture of the wet cloth or perhaps the heat and scent of warm clothes coming out of the dryer. Take a breath after you fold each item of clothing and be thankful you have clean clothes to wear.

You can apply the same ideas to mopping or sweeping the floor, washing the windows, dusting and polishing, and even vacuuming. The principle is to really focus on what you were doing and engage all of your senses in that task. In the practice with the gratitude that you have a clean, tidy and warm place to live

Later, reflect in your journal on any joy and peace you found in this activity.


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