2022: to be, to do

As we move into the last three practices of this December Five Minute Focus, I’m offering a few exercises to help prepare for next year.

A few weeks ago we reflected on the power of intention setting in directing your energy and interest towards what you want to experience and achieve.

The invitation today is to apply this to 2022.

Get your journal and get comfortable. Take a few slow deep breaths and close your eyes, thinking about what success twelve months from now might look like.

🔥 What experiences do you want to have?

🔥 Who would you like to connect with?

🔥 Which places would you like to explore or books to read, films to watch, theatre to enjoy?

🔥 How would you like to show up at work, in your home and in your significant relationships.

You may find it helpful to use a coaching wheel to reflect on the various aspects of your life and set some goals.

Try to identify clear ways that you will know you’ve made progress towards these goals – and the first small step for each.


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