11 December – Mindfulness advent challenge

Gaze in wonder

Visual objects can be used in mindfulness to tame or train your mind. Today’s practice will help first calm your busy mind, then strengthen your concentration muscles.

You’re invited to choose an object, perhaps an ornament from your Christmas tree, or something else. It should be small enough to fit in your hand and not too small to see the details.

During this five minute practise, your mind will inevitably wander. Simply notice when this happens and gently redirect your focus back to the object.

  • Get comfortable and take a few deep breaths
  • Hold the object in your hand and place your awareness on that object, without much attention to detail
  • Notice how the object feels in your hand. Is it cool or warm? Hard or soft?
  • Now bring the object into focus and become curious about it. Notice the shape and colour and weight.
  • Think about how this object was created and the journey it took to your home.
  • Turn it over in your hand and notice any differences. Does it make any sounds? Is there any writing or other marks? Does it change with the light?
  • Continue to breathe as you observe this beautiful object you have chosen.
  • Afterwards, notice how you feel. Are you more calm and relaxed?

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