A December “To Be” List

This December I’m inviting you to join me for a short daily practice to slow down and find clarity during what can be a chaotic month.

To start the month we will focus on our breath and set our intentions for how we want to be today and through the month. Setting intentions is a great way to focus your mind and guide your choices. This can help you work towards achieving your goals and living your values. 

I think of this as creating your ‘To Be’ list. Rather than a big ‘to do’ list of tasks and chores, this helps you decide how you want to show up. You might choose to focus on being kind or eco-friendly or patient or eat healthily. Such intentions bring awareness, purpose, and vision to your choices throughout the day.

  • Get started as early as you can in the day
  • Find a comfortable position, close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. 
  • Breathe in and out steadily, saying the words inhale and exhale if it’s helpful.
  • Ask yourself how you want to show up today – how do you want to feel, which of your values you want to focus on, or how do you want to affect others?
  • Write down your intention in your journal. Just a few positive and uplifting words, such as “Today I intend to be kind / forgiving / patient / grateful.”
  • Throughout the day, consider your intention when starting a task or making a decision. Keep it front of mind.
  • At the end of the day, reflect on how living with this intention affected your day, noting your thoughts in your journal.



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