Awareness opens up choice

At the heart of coaching and mindfulness is creating awareness. This gives us insight into our beliefs – those that are helpful and those that hurt. And when we understand our beliefs it opens up options and choices that can help us achieve our goals.

For example, you might see your dream job but think you’re not experienced or qualified enough for it, so you don’t apply. This belief in your capabilities (or lack of) limits your choices. If you become aware of this, you can take a deeper look at these assumptions and explore what is really true, find evidence of relevant strengths and experience, and even talk to people to build your confidence. Once you’re aware of something you can examine it and open up choices.

Yesterday I invited you to spend your day focused on a specific intention. Perhaps you noticed that more energy flowed into the efforts that supported this intention. If you chose to be more patient, maybe you noticed taking a breath when conversations with a colleague or loved one tested you. This is because what you pay attention to is also where you put your effort.

Across this month the daily practices will encourage you to build your ‘noticing’ muscles so that you become more curious about your experiences and your beliefs and open up more choices.

Practice: Noticing

Today, I invite you to tap into your sense of smell and see what you notice. During your next break, prepare your favourite hot drink or snack. Maybe a mince pie if you’re feeling Christmassy! Get comfortable, take a few slow deep breaths and then savour the aromas in front of you. What do you smell? Where do you feel those sensations – in your nose, your throat or maybe somewhere else? What does it remind you of? Afterwards consider how it felt to take a slow, mindful break for a few minutes. Also reflect on any thing you noticed about the scents or memories they evoked. Capture this in your journal.

If you want to go deeper in this practice you might like to try the Hug the Warmth post from 15th December 2020.


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