Being present

Throughout December I’m sharing prompts to help you increase your focus, slow down and enjoy a more thoughtful and calm close to the year.

Today the invitation is to practice presence. Being (in the) present means not worrying about what’s already happened or what’s coming, or things that are happening elsewhere. It means being here, now. It means engaging all your senses into what’s happening right now around you.

This can actually take a lot of effort to sustain if your used to doing multiple things at once – perhaps texting while the tv is on and also holding a conversation with your child. Or dealing with emails while juggling a zoom call and thinking about what’s for dinner.

Slowing down and deciding to monotask works best of you set an intention to be present for a particular moment and then reflecting on what you observed afterwards.

The practice today is around being intentionally present for someone else. A colleague, family member or friend. Decide to give them at least five minutes undivided attention. Put your phone away, shut off other distractions and get comfortable.

Ask the person to tell you about their day, or a particular issue they are grappling with. You could ask them about a highlight of their year, or what they like about the traditions they honour in December. Pick a single topic and just listen. As they talk, offer only encouragement to continue – positive sounds, or simply say “What else?” or “Tell me more”.

Hear the words they say, and also notice their body language, tone, pace of speaking, the energy they bring. Notice your own reactions as you listen – how are you responding to their words? What feelings are emerging for you?

Any time your mind wanders, simply notice and bring your attention back to the conversation.

Close the conversation by thanking them for sharing. You might want to ask them how it felt to be listened to. Reflect and capture in your journal what the experience was like for you.

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