Accepting help

At this time of year we often overextend ourselves trying to get “everything” done before the end of the year. We even add arbitrary goals that seem symbolic before year’s end such as clearing out your email inbox, decluttering your home, perhaps even redecorating or remodelling to create a ‘picture perfect’ home for seasonal visitors.

All this on top of the usual rush towards Christmas – shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, completing projects, meeting work deadlines, visiting friends, even parties if we are able.

The myth we tell ourselves is that it’s all on our shoulders. No one else is responsible or can do it the way we do it.

Spend five minutes today thinking about the swirling thoughts you captured during Sunday’s practice and consider who can help you accomplish the tasks that are on your mind.

Which of your friends, family or colleagues can you involve in the Christmas preparations or winding up your work year, even if they don’t do it perfectly?

Afterwards notice how you feel about this idea of accepting help from others, and how you feel about your list of tasks to get done. Notice your thoughts around accepting others may not do the tasks in your way or to your standard.


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