Relish eating

One of my most popular Mindfulness practices today … 🙂 Another chance to strengthen your noticing powers through some mindful eating.

This practice is often done with a raisin but you could choose a piece of chocolate or fruit or even a mince pie, if you prefer.

Get comfortable and take several slow, deep breaths. Holding your piece of food in your hand, look carefully at it as if you’ve never seen it before. Pay attention to the colours, shape, size and textures. Notice any thoughts you have about anticipating eating what’s in your hand or about food in general.

Move the food closer to your mouth and pay attention to how it smells. Notice if your mouth is watering and how it feels to want food.

Place the food on your tongue and notice how that feels. Take a bite and notice where the food is in your mouth. Start chewing slowly and notice the sensations on your tongue and teeth. Which part of your tongue? What tastes are you experiencing and where in your mouth? Does it remind you of anything? As you chew, does the taste change at all? What other flavours are coming through?

Notice when you are ready to swallow. When you swallow, pay attention to how this feels as it travels down your throat and oesophagus towards your stomach. Can you feel anything happening in you stomach? Is it full or empty?

Focus on the sense that your body is now one piece of food heavier. Continue to eat further pieces of this food with the same mindfulness.

Afterwards notice how you feel. Consider how this experience differed from when you usually eat food. Did you feel more satisfied? What would it be like to eat like this more often? Did the food taste different than usual? What else did you notice?


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