Sounds lovely

Continuing this series of short practices to develop your focus and find spaces of calm, today’s invitation is to pay attention to your sense of hearing.

Get comfortable, close your eyes or lower your gaze and take a few slow, deep breaths.

Bring your attention to your breath, inhaling through your nose and slowly breathing out through your mouth. If it helps your focus, say inhale and exhale to keep your attention there.

Now bring your attention to your environment and the noises you can hear around you. Name the things you hear and keep listening for more.

What is the most distant sound you can hear? Perhaps voices, birds or dogs, or maybe an airplane or other vehicle.

What about the noise closest to you? It might be your own breathing, heartbeat or tummy growling.

Take a few more breaths and then open your eyes and, if you like, note down some thoughts about this experience. What surprised you? What felt different for you afterwards?


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